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SPEECH: Rep. Murphy Floor Speech on Steve Bannon's Removal from National Security Council

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Washington, April 5, 2017 | comments
Mr. Speaker,

On February 1st, I introduced legislation to prohibit individuals whose primary role is political, like Stephen Bannon, from serving on the National Security Council or its main sub-group, the Principals Committee.

The bill has obtained 183 cosponsors, and received significant public support.

The majority of the American people clearly believe that our national security policymaking process should not be contaminated by partisan politics.

Today, the Trump administration responded to this message, removing Mr. Bannon from the NSC and the Principals Committee.

I am incredibly proud of this development, which is clearly in the interest of our nation’s security.

Today is a victory for democracy, because it proves that the people, when they speak up and speak out, can change policy for the better.

To view the PDF version, click here.
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